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The Daus is actually a Deuce, a Two, but it's higher than the king and so it's usually read as Ace. But on the pictures, you can see it's a 2.

There was a German skat deck with a Dame instead of the Ober but at the moment, it's out of print (look for Skat, Deutsches Bild mit Damen, to see whether it's available). It's sometimes a bit difficult to read a moustached guy as Queen :-)

It's a pity there is hardly material about the Skat deck available in English. Fortunately, German and English are similar enough so Google translate is not a bad solution if you want to learn more about reading German cards. (The Tell cards Leesa Ellis belong to the same tradition, a beautiful deck!) So here are the links to two German websites about German cards for fortune telling.

Lilith uses Schafkopf cards which are identical to Skat cards, it's just a different game.

Some card meanings are the same, others differ. Probably the result of regional traditions that were taught from one reader to the next. That's even worse then The Great Lenormand Disagreements!

Good books are available in German, by Susanne Zitzl and Erika Flickinger. They don't agree either :-(((( so don't be sorry if you can't read them.

I think the only way to get to know these cards is read with them. I'm reading the books and websites and building up my own journal, hoping that over time, I'll learn how the cards in question read for ME.
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