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Lys talks about compassion and love mingled with wisdom (her heart and crown chakra catched my attention), which heals ourself and people who sorround us.
She doese not tell us what we should do, but nudges us gently into the right direction so we can find healing. She talks about beauty which lies in the dark and hidden, and sometimes we have to slow down, take a second look to see all the wonders just infront of us. Lys is all about listening, the art of true listening. She brings hope into the dark and with her understanding smile on her face, she lightens up a dark situation and lifts us up.
Like a moth (her wings) she is drawn to the light, and reminds us that we should focus on positive thoughts instead on negative ones.
She looks very sensitive (even fragile, but in a positive way), which remindet me to respect other peoples feelings/views and that in the end we all want to live a happy and loving life.
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