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Lys of the Shadows was my daily card today.

My first reaction to her was that she looked a bit like the Spirit dancer only more like an "other"

So here are my keywords, I more or less stopped using the format from the book but prefer instead to let my mind and fingers roam freely as I write about the Faeries.

Challenger/helper faerie.
Starry crown - Heart - Hands all lit up = Healer.
(moth, mottled wings, camoflagued, earthy, night creature)
Glowing and Sparkling in the dark.
Lys = Lysa = To Shine or To bring light in Swedish.
She is a light in the dark, a beacon, a guide.

Astral work! Dream work. A Hope-finder!
Dark night of the soul, sometimes we have to step off the safe path and enter the darkness. Lys is here to bring us safely back again.

Her relation to the Spirit Dancer again - listen to the body. Dancing out of the dark. You KNOW you can do it! Just feel it.
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