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Originally Posted by Teheuti
I propose that vitally important clues to Waite's intention, that have been overlooked, lie in the Grail book(s). I think that this subtle, yet deep, intention is part of the reason why the deck has had such a powerful, lasting influence. It is archetypally sound and echoes the threads of the great mysteries that are part of what Waite calls "The Secret Tradition."
I will read with interest what you have to say- as I always do. The deck itself remains the foundation of my interest in Tarot. I do not have to believe in the original premise- but the ideas that came from that are very interesting to me.
I do not believe in the migration story of the New Zealand Maori as was taught to me as historical fact- but the obvious migration is fascinating as is how they came to such a incorrect theory. It is part of the History of New Zealand now.
Just felt I had to explain how I viewed it.
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