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Wow, theres some great tips here. Keep 'em coming.

Originally Posted by celticnoodle
1. when you have an upset stomach or you are nausead, make a tea with jello. just 1/2 packet of jello in a coffee cup and add boil water-stir and sip at it. your nausea will disappear and it really helps with the upset stomach too! and the best part--it tastes GREAT!
Trying this one out as we speak. My daughter has been sick for almost a week and nauseous and unable to eat much. She liked this idea. I'll let you knwo how it goes.

Originally Posted by missycab
2. For headaches: cut a potatoe in slices, put some slices in a cloth, make some sort of bandana, and put it in your forehead.
I can't believe i saw this! I seriously thought my mother was kidding when she told me about this the other day, LOL!

Also I'm so glad Aloe Vera has been mentioned. I can't believe I forgot to include it on my list. Its something I use so often that I forgot it was a home remedy
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