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This is another differing view of 6 Spears...he may have triumphed but it took it's toll. The horse has more vitality and animation than Ambrosius. The man looks completely exhausted, like the only thing he is looking forward to is a hot bath and falling in bed. He's quite relaxed in the saddle, not sitting up and beaming, or throwing his chest out in pride...he knows he's succeeded, perhaps he had some precognition of what awaited him. His neck is so vulnerable looking and it does seem like he sees something waiting for him, that isn't filling him with anticipation.

I usually see the 6 Spears as stepping stones to something else, that it isn't reaching the final goal, but is on the road to getting there. That it is a time of feeling good about overcoming obstacles and winning some hard fought battles, but there is still an atmosphere of more to come, anticipation of better things yet to be. Here there is celebration but he is very much removed and isolated from it.

I like the bells on golden chains on the horse's mane thingy. Is it some sort of snood? I have no idea what to call it, but it certainly would announce the coming of the King. What's that old saying...coming with bells on?
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