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Originally posted by Sophie-David
In the Legend Six of Spears, Aurelius Ambrosius enters an unknown castle after victory over the Saxons. Wearing the purple robe of both nobility and victory, the succesful king doesn't look nearly as happy as the crowds shouting accolades from the floor and ramparts of the castle. Perhaps Ambrosius is counting the inevitable costs of war, considering the troubled future ahead, or he may simply be physically and emotionally exhausted.
That's what I thought too. One would think that coming through the gates and being home would be a happy enough ocassion in itself, but the fact that he is returning in victory should at least bring a glimmer of relief to his expression.

Originally posted by WalesWoman
His neck is so vulnerable looking and it does seem like he sees something waiting for him, that isn't filling him with anticipation.
Perhaps he feels a bit like our present day film stars, the price of fame, that everyone owns a piece of him, or wants to. He has other horsemen all around him and flags declaring who he is and what has transpired, but it could be that he has not singled himself out as the victor in his own mind, that he sees himself as just part of the war band returning - his victory would not have been so sweet if not for the valour, sacrifice and faithfulness of those he faught alongside.
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