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Wow, it's been a long time since anyone's posted in this thread (and a long time since I've been here). What interesting and insightful comments.

I am so touched by this deck - it resonates so well with me and my readings. And yet, I too have had great trouble with the Master card. I'd always wanted to see it as self-mastery, but knowing the truth of Osho and the nonsense he perpetuated, I simply can't. It simply doesn't work. Removing it felt for a long time somehow dishonorable!? I gave this deck away years ago (moving, and had to lighten up) and am purchasing it again. I love it. I just do. So, this is what I've come to. I'm the reader. I could draw 10,000 pictures and decide for myself what they mean. Given that, I am choosing to remove the card and loosening up my hesitation and insecurity about it. Allowing myself to feel somehow I "shouldn't" remove it is just allowing that same propaganda/fear to unsettle me. Bless him wherever he is, but I don't want his "personage" in my deck. There's fully all in these cards, and whatever goodness he DID give to the world must be reflected anyway, so no loss.

I'd love to hear if any of you have come to any other conclusions about this since you wrote.

Bless, rubes

Happy HolyDays all
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