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This card to me means different things in different readings. I've had it mean taking stock of your life, keeping what you want and leaving the rest (what no longer serves you) behind you.
I've had it speaking of watching your back, especially in the workplace.
And times when someone is moving forward, and they are taking as much as they possibly can literally in a physical sense and mentally (the man's hands are full of swords), but looking back just one more time, to sort of...say "goodbye" before venturing out into the new horizon.
And finally, trying to hold on, or pick up too much at once can hurt you...those swords are sharp...even though you may be looking at those other swords, with your hands full already (or even your mind full...swords as thoughts, picking up more things to worry about or stress over), and thinking you can take on more, will only weigh you down, or even cut you and then you will really have something to worry about. To me it can be about choosing your thoughts. Choose to put your energy into sharp, hurtful worries, or choose to think more positive thoughts, and take on only what you can (and want to) handle...such as other people's problems...or even problems of the past that you cannot do anything about. Choose to leave them behind, even if you dare to look back over your shoulder at them, do not pick them back up.
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