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The Gilded~Judgement


The background-soft night, faintly lit stars, the lower half thinning clouds in purples, blues with a touch of green.

The woman-Her face is beautiful and symmetrical. Her eyes are cast downward at the floating spirits. Her helmet is golden with wing like things on the sides.They look like beautiful metal feathers. The helmet also has 13 green gems and a sun like pattern on top. Her eyes are in shadow with the lower half of her face in light.

The horn-the horn is situated in the middle of the card. It is golden in
color and does not touch the womans lips it seems to be situated as if she is getting ready to blow it. It has light colored detail upon it. It looks like ivy with a definite symmetrical look to it on the lower half, with the top half becoming asymmetrical.

The spirits-there are 7 spirits in form floating skyward. There are 3 women and 4 men. The top 2 women near the left look as if they are in a rapture, freely floating upwards-they also have the body position of the high
priestess. The woman on the right is looking downward with her hands
extended down-she reminds me of the woman in the lovers card except she is
looking downward instead of up. The male on the left is looking right with
his arms outstretched. the male on the right seems to be the guy in the tower and instead of falling down he is rising upwards. The tiny guys at the
bottom of the card seem to be aspects of the two guys. The one on the left
has his back towards us and the one on the right also has his back towards us.

~off to ponder my observations of this beautiful card
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