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Originally Posted by Redfaery View Post
My apologies if I sounded harsh or judgmental. It was not my intent. What I meant was that low vibration and high vibration are such vague and imprecise terms, to me anyway!

If you're connecting to spirit more and more, it is indeed very useful to have a way of keeping things "out" as you say. That was why I suggested burning sage or cedar, since those have a purifying effect on the energy in an area.

Another thing you will want to check out probably is some method of "shielding" as it's called. A useful way to do this is to wear or carry a stone like black tourmaline or obsidian, since they act as barriers to negative energy.
Hi Redfaery,

No please I didn't pick you up as being any of those things and I apologise if I sounded any way sharp in my response. I come from a scientific background so expressing my curiosity doesn't always come across as warm as it actually is

Thank you for suggestions - I have these on my shopping list now.

All the best,

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