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You - Jupter

C - mercury

C is strong by sign and house, you are in a weaker position to be able to do anything. If you and C did get together it would be C who was the initiator.

Mercury flows towards Jupiter and Jupiter flows towards mercury through retrograde motion. This indicates that you and C could at some point want to reach out to each other.

The moon (your emotional state in the matter) is in the 12th house of deception and self-undoing and will be opposing mercury which would be a negative as to being together in the future.

Things don't seem very clear between you and C anyway with neptune in the 4th, so i believe that between you and C things weren't so clear cut from both ends, and there would have been a false sense of perception surrounding the both of you.

So there could be some sort of contact in the future (if this was possible to happen) but it just wouldnt end up working out, and you'd once again be parting ways.
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