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Well the odd thing was, I was in two different cars! The flat tire was on my father's truck, and my car was the one that didn't start that morning, but later that day started right up.
At the time I thought "oh no, I finally found a 2nd deck that I truly like and I'm not allowed to have them", but realize now that I cherish them that much more that I had to fight for them. I'm very picky when it comes to decks, at least right now, sense I'm still learning.

I want to be moved by the images, and not have to always refer to my notes when I can't remember a meaning. I'm finding it difficult with the courts in this deck, only because they're right up on their faces, and don't offer much else to go on. Their faces all seem to be the same, not alot of expression. Like they're caught in deep thought.

I started a discussion on the Knight of Swords yesterday, which is actually what prompted me to want to discuss the deck. His face really disturbed me with what seems to be happening in the back ground.

Glad to see others are interested, Spiderwoman!
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