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Originally Posted by aurarcana View Post
I'm in as well . It's one of my favorite reading decks. I have always wanted to delve into it further - the color symbolism especially.

I'm notoriously bad at doing those study groups, but since there are others who are interested at the same time, this would help keep my interest .

La Force, I think most study groups function best when people post random cards, but we could start with either the Majors or Minors, and if we opt to start with the Minors first, we can choose a suit and work from there. But again, random cards may be the most flexible way for everyone to get involved. What do you think? Meaning what does everyone think ?

I'm so happy that others are enthusiastic about this gem of a deck!
I am flexiable, and feel that what is best to keep the enthusiasm of the group, works for me. I am just going to tag a long.

I did the Book of Shadows Vol 2. study group all by myself during the month of Jan 2014, I ended up getting so bored, lost interest, bla bla bla mostly due to no interaction, so I was hesitant about continuing this study group, alone.

Anyone wants to lead the way, I'll be right behind you.
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