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Originally Posted by aurarcana View Post
random cards may be the most flexible way for everyone to get involved. What do you think?
This gets my vote, for the randomness of the draw. (If anyone wants to consciously choose a card, I am fine with that too.)

Originally Posted by La Force View Post
I would be interested in you 3 card spread. Make that one of the threads in the study group. heck why not.
Just got back from the study group threads. Much of it is left unfinished. I am not sure where to post a 3 card spread in the study group. Do we have to notify the mods if we start a new thread in the study group, so the mods can tie the new thread to the study group?

Also, have you nosed around in there? Those who posted previously to the study group didn't like the Morgan-Greer Devil trump, with which I respectfully disagree. I don't want to get into that discussion though, until everyone has the Devil trump in their deck.
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