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Re: Beit and Lamed - The Magician and the Guardian Angel

Originally posted by kwaw
"The patriach Enoch, who according to an old tradition was taken from the earth by God and transformed into the angel Metatron, is said to have been a cobbler. At every stitch of his awl he not only joined the upper leather with the sole, but all upper things with all lower things. He accompanied his work with meditations which drew the stream of emanation down from the upper to lower, so transforming profane action into ritual action, until he himself was transformed from the earthly Enoch into the transcendent Metatron, who had been the object of his meditations." [On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism, p.132].
Fascinating, Kwaw. Fantastic quote. I have been looking on the internet for some time for a correlation between magician and cobbler. In literature and fairy tales, it seems to me the cobbler is often a kind of sorcerer -- the shoemaker and the elves, the red shoes etc., Hans Sachs in Meistersinger...etc. -- there is something magical about fashioning footwear - is it because it houses the sole/soul?
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