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Originally Posted by Universal Student View Post
I had recently purchased the Playing Card Oracles book and I noticed several spreads provided. I am assuming that these spreads were created for the purpose of utilizing the full potential of the system. My understanding of the cards is that each card represents one week, but what if I just want to pull a card for the day? Just how flexible is this system? I know this may sound silly (and it probably is), but can this be used like any other playing card system with its spreads, like a past present, future gig? Thanks for putting up with my squared thinking.
The PCO is a very flexible system (I have been using it for nearly 10 years and it's probably my favourite oracle), and the 'one card = one week' thing only works in spread that involve timing - like the Preset spread or the Cat Spread.

I believe that if you want a daily reading with the PCO, it's a good idea to draw at least 2 cards so you have the interplay of energy between suits and numbers. One card alone is likely to make a rather vague reponse.

I hope this helps.
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