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Zombie tarot - No. 0 - The fool

There is so much that could trip you up as you start afresh here. Those hands reaching out of the graves around you for one. Yet you are not allowing yourself to be sidetracked in any way. Good for you. Because if you did, it is fair to say you may not last long should you go down. If you want any reminder of that, take a look at the vulture behind you. It is so hoping there are some scraps left on your bones once the zombies have had their fill. No, you are about to write a whole new chapter of your life story. You have a clean slate with which to start from, just like the zombie has in the grave ahead of you. Just don't become part of its story if you get my drift, and take ownership of writing your own. Keep focussed, keep positive, and keep smiling. Just choose your picnic site carefully. And the company you decide to share it with. You may have the innocent intent to just enjoy a good natter, and to share a few nibbles but trust me - if you hang out with a zombie their motives are from pure. At least if you get bored you can use that wreath to play hoopla with. Plenty of arms/hands to aim for as targets.
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