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Originally Posted by RiverRunsDeep View Post
Hi there, kx5!

I am a massage therapist, and I use essential oils daily for my clients. I believe
aromatherapy has a very powerful effect on our mental and emotional state,
and could be very beneficial in your use of tarot.

Rose and Jasmine: both of these are often used in "aphrodisia" blends, thought
to enhance feelings, emotions, and a sense of romance. Could be effective for
readings about relationships.

Ylang Ylang: enhances the mind-body connection and brings us back into balance.

Sandalwood: associated with prayerfulness and meditation

Chamomile and Lavender: both of these are sleep-inducing and promote deep
relaxation. I think of chamomile as having more physical effects, and lavender
as having more mental/emotional effects. These could be great if you do dreamwork with your deck, or become deeply meditative while reading.

Eucalyptus: I only use this oil for physical ailments, like allergies and respiratory
infections. Not sure how it could be used for tarot purposes.

Of course, all of these are just ideas and suggestions. The bottom line is, you
should choose the oil which has the most appeal to you. Our sense of smell
is the most powerful trigger we have for memory. So each time you smell the
oil, that sensory "trigger" will allow you to fall more easily into a tarot-reading
state of mind.

Hope I have helped a bit.
This is very, very enlightening IMHO. Thank you really much, you gave a great answer for a question which has been troubling my head for some time. Blessings and Love.
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