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Originally Posted by Briar Rose View Post
Put your decks in a wooden storage box, ad they will pick up the scents, or you can get a ceramic infused charm, and put it in there, but keep it away from your decks,
or you can dab a cotton ball with your choice of essential oils, and put it in a votive holder, but make a weave with tape so the scent comes out, leave spaces, and put inside the wooden box.
This is precisely how I thought of doing this! I'd be wary of scenting anything that touches the cards, even the spread cloth or the card cover itself. I think moderately applying essential oils to the interior of the wooden box itself would be a happy compromise, specially if the wood used is capable of holding on to the scent for quite some time.

I myself am very much partial to attar of roses. The rose is very much loved by my family - if we had a crest, it would surely carry the rose in its emblem. I even use a rose quartz pendulum myself. Anyway, very few people disapprove of its scent, and it is very much conducive to love and relationship readings. And on a symbolic note, the rose is touted as the floral herald of Western mysticism, just as the lotus is that of the east. Just look at how prevalent it is not just in the imagery used in many Tarot cards, but also in the backs of many Tarot decks, aside from its use in many occult societies such as the Golden Dawn and in Rosicrucianism.
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