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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE

I am taking the first step in launching the Study Group for Mary Greer's book, "21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card." Each step has two sections, the Way of the Apprentice and the Way of the Adpet. We will limit our explorations, for now, to the way of the Apprentice and after completing the 21 steps we can start over with the more extensive "Way of the Adept." Perhaps we will mostly be adept at that point.

Step ONE asks us to pick our deck, draw three cards, turn them over and select one card which will be used throughout this entire exercise. We are to pick one of the three cards, preferably one that has some complexity within it, or multiple figures, all which will provide ample food for thought. We will each "say the card's name" -- M.G. says that this bonds the card to us, opens a flow of insight and information -- this will get us started on our explorations.

A rule or guideline or two to help us stay organized:
1) You can title your thread response any way you wish as long as you start it with "21 Ways -- your text, title, or whatever.
2) The first line of your message should say: Step ONE: Deck, Card.
In my case, the first line will say (when I post) Step ONE: Fey Tarot, World.
3) In your first post you may want to describe your card's appearance or provide a photo-attachment.

4) Any list participant is free to join at any point. Your first post at any of the 21 step threads should follow guidelines 1, 2 & 3.
5) A separate thread will be started for each step.
6) If there are any questions or uncertainties, the book will be the guiding force.
7) The progress will be slow at first so as to allow everyone to be comfortable. At this point I don't see any of us wanting or needing to move faster than one step per week. Like everything, that's subject to change. Anyone can suggested changes for the group to consider at any time. That suggestion will be subject to what the group majority prefers.

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