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21 Ways: First Card Drawn

Step ONE: Druidcraft, Prince of Cups.

The Prince of Cups (which corresponds to the Knight in the RWS) sits astride a sturdy brown horse. The horse wears a decorated halter and bridle, and it has a patient and tolerant look about its face and a wavy, flowing mane. In the Prince's left hand he holds aloft a golden goblet as if offering it to the night sky, or to someone we cannot see. His right hand holds the reins of his horse. He is barefoot, and uses no saddle, just a blue blanket. The Prince is dressed in red, blue, and green, with adornments of gold and a gold helmet with a red feather decoration. He wears a leather wristguard on the arm that bears the goblet. The horse has stopped beneath a tree at the grassy edge of a lake. It is either dawn or dusk, and a waxing crescent moon hangs low in a cloudy sky.

This is the Prince of Cups from the Druidcraft Tarot.
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