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All Shall Be Well

Dear Friends,

The Aeclectic Tarot Forum will be closing today (thank you to all who have been so kind in contacting me to let me know, with a special shout-out to danieljuk; your thoughtfulness really moved me and if I have not yet emailed or PM'ed you, I will do so shortly).

According to the original post date, it was only 4 years ago that I created All Shall Be Well. In that time, I have heard from many people telling me how much they enjoy and use the spread. I've created many spreads in my 20 years as a tarotist and can safely say this gained a wider audience than the rest.

If you are experiencing anxiety over the closing of this seminal tarot community, why not dust off All Shall Be Well and take it for a spin on the subject?

For my part, when I opened the first Private Message telling me of the shutdown, I was initially seized by anxiety and a feeling of great loss.

But, curiously, as the day wore on, this feeling abated as I realized I was being given a golden opportunity to grapple with the C-word ("change"), and with loss. Suddenly, I felt a sense of lightness and even relief-- "If AT [i.e. the online tarot world as we all know it, and have known it for 15 years in some cases] can shut down and I can handle it, I can endure and even thrive after other 'bad' changes, too."

I really do believe that "All shall be well" for the tarot community of the world, and that I shall see you all again on one or more of the various forums I hear are arising around the Internet.

Until we meet again,

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