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Reflections Spread

This spread made me think of the cards in LL where Ludy is sitting in front of a mirror deep in thought.

(Here is the link:

Originally Posted by KMilliron
The background is this: the vocalist was talking of a ritual in which you stare into a mirror long enough, and under certain conditions, and you'll see you as the opposite of what you are. I mix science with my spirituality, and countered that both instances (in the mirror as well as out) must coexist, one just being invisible, and I theorized a slight infraction in the mirrors surface may be what lets that image come to a state of visibility. The butterfly effect, so to speak...

The spread:


Card 1- The Gazer. Your current position. When I imagine trying this spread, I see this more as a personality card, or how you are in an everyday setting. This image, to keep with the mirror analogy, is unedited, the original.
Card 2- The Infraction in the Mirror. This is the stipulation, or stipulations, that cause the change in your original image. If you are trying to find out WHY your image is changing, you may see this as an event as well as an influence. If you are trying to find out WHAT your reflection shows, this is simply an influence. There can be more than one "altered" reflection, because we go through so many things in our lives. WHAT readings could probably be done more than once, to fully see the influences live has on you, but WHY can only have one answer, so repeating this reading will only result in vague circles.
3- The Reflection. This is the final image. This image only comes to surface under certain situations, but it is always there. This card can be a powerful tool for reflection. If it shows a dark energy, you can use the reading to pinpoint avoid the negative situations, if it is a positive one, you may want to work more on bringing out this side. It's all up to you.
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