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I just had to mention to you, Hemera, that this spread is golden! I have been using it for a long time and it's one of my favorite spreads. I like it for the Ludy Lescot (of course) but also for the Tarot of Vampyres. I have been looking at the 5th card as the key card that "opens" the 3rd card/the open door; the 5th card elaborating on the 3rd card, a way to deal with or further understand whatever energy the other cards are showing. It all just fits together very nicely.

Thank you so much!

Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
I Ludy (-by Hemera)


1. Me and/or Ludy: Where I am now? ; The Heart of the Matter; Significator

2. Closed door. Donīt go here. (Or if you absolutely must...this is the thing to watch out)

3. Open door. Go this way.

4. Message from the Wolf: Deeper stuff; Influences Under the Surface; Something you donīt know but should be aware of

5. A detail not to overlook; Minor thing -but possibly a key to something new.

6. Where this path is likely to lead; long term

7. Where this path is likely to lead; short term
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