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I saw this card come up in the situations where someone is overestimated, where someone is considered as a master when they shouldn't.

I explain.

The Master occupies the position of the fool : 0 and 22.
As someone has already said, this position is the position of the fool who has just finished a journey and who is about to start another one.
It symbolizes someone who has attained a good level of consciousness but still has a lot to learn. In a way, isn't what Rajneesh was? Theoretically, he was a good teacher, but practically, he was far from being a zen master.

I did a relationship spread for a friend I held in very high esteem. My personal card was The Innocence, while her personal card was The Master. What was on my side of the spread was positive and worthy (or about to be) of the man on the Innocence card, while what she had on her side wasn't worthy of a good master (Morale, Schizophrenia, Politics). From what I saw, she had things to learn from me through our relationship and those were the kind of things that someone I held in so high esteem should already have known.

It also came up as the "Problem" card for a friend of mind who thinks that she doesn't really deserve the fame she has. People admire her and think she so great because she is like The Rebel. She doesn't like being overestimated because she knows that people will end up being disappointed when the illusion fades away.
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