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Originally Posted by Indigo Rose View Post
"The Master in Zen is not a master over others, but a master of himself. His every gesture and his every word reflect his enlightened state."Osho Zen Tarot, by Osho

I like seeing this card as self-mastery. Self-control is one of the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians, which I connect to this card.

I read through this thread, but since I am not as involved in the debate here, I will say that what rang true to me is what was posted about this card having to do about one being a master of oneself.

I have just now received my deck and have done my first reading with it. This was the very first card I pulled.

I like this card. I have no problems with this card. But I am not reading anything into this card, as in, this card does not symbolize any person to ME personally.

What does it mean to me? What Indigo Rose posted.

So for me, it was very, very helpful in this reading, because in fact I am in a real struggle right now, and I do need help with this concept. Mastery of oneself.

I like the figure on the card, as he reminds me of Gandalf in the moonlight. Again, I don't have a point of reference, but I don't want to get involved in the issues behind these cards; I just want to enjoy the cards for what they are.
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