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This card appears in the book after card 21 Completion (traditionally The World) and has no number and I see this as a card after the major arcana (in traditional decks). This is mastering something like spirituality. Obviously the person in the card represents Osho because it looks like him and I think the intention of this card when it was created was positive. He is the master of his spirituality, philosophy and his life. Mastering yourself is the positive take on this or mastering a part of your life.

But there is another side of Osho that you can read about online and the things that happened and he had a part of. How you want to take them in your own life or what you want to believe is up to you but the Osho philosophy is forever tainted by this. This is my personal opinion but Osho did things that were against his teachings and the community he set up that followed his beliefs. He mastered and passed on some great things and philosophy. But also he took actions that were in his own self interest and there is stories from people involved of very dark things. This card was created for a positive "self mastery" type theme but it's tainted, just like he is and that is why it makes us feel uncomfortable (and grizabella doesn't like looking at it).

Perhaps the moon trickling down into his beard represents spiritual knowledge, or wisdom or a skill. It's light or energy that is coming down to him.

There is a line with this card where you master something or you go too far and become selfish, greedy and only out for yourself. This card these days represents that line! It's theme ultimately is looking out for yourself and bettering your own self interests and ironically that goes against Osho Zen philosophy but that is why it's an uncomfortable truth. Leaders of religion, communities and politics have a fine line between leading and inspiring and sharing what they have mastered in their lives and using it negatively to benefit themselves. Sometimes it can even be both things, helping others and helping yourself from it. The sharing in this card is sharing how to master your own self interests and it's a difficult card for me to take in my own life philosophy. To Master something you have to be a bit selfish and look after yourself but how much is that at the cost of others? Is it getting to the top at any cost? There is a "line" with this card like I said before and it moves from positive to negative in my readings but it is a difficult and an uncomfortable card because it's not straight forwards positive.
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