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With or without a master?

Hi, I'm new to this forum so please bear with me.

I have been using the Osho pack for sometime but agree that the card "The Master" can give mixed feelings. Osho did attract controversy and it is up to each person how they view him. I cam to him from his writings on love and relationships which I think were very good.

Coming from a more traditional Rider Waite background and having read a bit on Kabbalah and Tarot, it stuck me that the addition of the Master put everything out of balance. Against this you could say that the intention of the pack is not to follow traditional lines.

I agree with others that whatever one thinks of Osho the imagery is strange. I know of no other spread that includes a separate card of the originators image. There are so many packs out there it might be there are other ones?.

Does anyone know how much input, if any, Osho had in this deck. Was it designed after he died?.

Like others I have considered removing the master card but have not done so yet. I feel changing the deck is somehow not right. However every time the card comes up in a spread I think it should not be there. Has anyone tried doing readings without the card and if so did it result in an improvement.
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