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Originally Posted by decan View Post
You are right, I think his Ascendant is on Regulus (very good star with regard to Success and Money).
An Eclipse is disruptive, not good at all, and so particularly for Trump...
just wanted to respond again to this...his Mars is conjunct to regulus when looking at sidereal.

If we did placidius/equal house. Mars would conjunct to regulus in 12th house.

in vedic a certain system uses bhava chalit and rasi to help predict planatary time periods. Mars rules the 4th & 9th.

for the antar & mahadasha... 1st house matters will fall into 12th house matters.

vedic wise 12th house can mean jails. It can be a time period of being imprisoned...not saying he will go to jail or anything.

He's in a double ruled planet maha/anatar ruled time period jupiter-jupiter. This can sometimes be a tough time adjustment issue.

Jupiter becoming the lagna (virgo) in rasi = Jupiter first house...mars will fall in 12th. (Mars rules 8th from jupiter -virgo lagna-....8th deals with scandals)
Venus in leo rasi is in 12th with saturn. Saturn is friends with Venus.
so venus has support in 12th with Saturn.
He's in Jupiter-jupiter-venus
he will be in Jupiter-Jupiter-Mars december 2017.
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