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Originally Posted by Shy Priestess

Has anyone noticed her necklace? I was wondering why there seemed to be a bead missing at the front and noticed a white shimmer in the shape of a cross, almost like a spirit person - you can see two black dots that look like eyes if you look carefully. The white figure seems to hold the necklace together, arms outstretched.

To me, this represented her strength of spirit as well as character.

Also her beads are red, matching her cloak, to me representing determined action.

Nice to find this study group... I read with the Hanson-Roberts most times for myself, I love this deck - it's one of the first I owned.

Shy x
I did notice her necklace and that a piece seems to be missing. I do see the white "spirit person" with arms outstretched to hold the pieces together, as well. It almost looks as though it is a separate necklace, too- I can sort of make out a white "V-shaped" necklace which comes to a point at the "spirit person's" head and then stretches up towards her collarbone. Could it be also that she is protected by spirit, as if the spirit figure necklace is guarding her ?
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