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Wheel of Fortune Game

Here's a game. I think it was Goddess wanting one based on the Wheel of Fortune? And telling me to be bold enough to start a game of my own - though those weren't both parts of the same thought. Anyway I think I've got one based on the Wheel, so let's see if it works.

You draw one card. You're reading for the person who just posted above you in the thread.

The card signifies either CHANGE or LUCK. It is one or the other; your intuition tells you which. In your post you explain what area of life will see the good luck, or the change. (No need to specify what the change is or what lucky thing happens - the reading tells where it happens, its context.

The luck or change applies to the next 24 hours (from when the "recipient" reads your post). The person you read for will feed back how it went.

I'd start, but I'd be reading for the non-existent person before me, so I'll give a couple of examples instead. Say I drew the 2 of Pentacles and my intuition told me this was change. I'd say it meant change in the area of balancing the books. Or if I drew the 9 of Wands and intuitively knew it was about luck, I'd say the person was going to get an unexpected breather from something that's been a long haul.

I think I've made the rules clear, but I usually think I've been clear and then people ask me what I meant! So ask me what I mean if needed!!
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