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Dave looks at the FOOL card

I will be looking a four Fool cards for step one.
** The Fey Tarot
** The Tarot of Prague
** The Witches Tarot
** The Robin Wood Tarot

The Fey FOOL has discovered a glowing pumpkin with a carved face. His own face has an astonished look. He wears a plain, pointed crown with a large key hole in it. Keys adorn his two colored tunic; purple on the front, green on the back.

The ToP FOOL is dressed in a red silk tunic and is dancing across statues and roof tops of the city, a gold bag in his left hand, a white flower in his right hand. A small white dog follows closely. He wears a snug fitting cap. The sky behind him is blue with a touch of clouds.

The Witches Tarot FOOL is represented by Johnny Appleseed, a figure from early US Colonial times who walked across the northeast areas planting apple seeds. He is dressed in a dark green tunic, a brown rough cape, a leather hat, green shoes, carries a long staff with a small white bag, and holds out a small sheet of papter.

The Robin Wood FOOL is a romantic circus-dressed and stylized figure, walking and playing a flute, flowing blond hair, a long red feather stuck in a garland of flowers about his/her head. A billowing white blouse and pants with two different materials for the right and left leg -- white and red diamonds and green and white stripes. The white dog is present, a swiss-alps type of scene is in the background.

The Fey, the Witches Tarot, ToP, and RW cards, left to right, is how I would order the cards. The Fey Fool is in one position, focused on what has been found. The Witches Fool is posed in a wide stride, holding out a sheet of paper. He is in a high place, on an outcropping of rock. The ToP Fool is also in high places, dancing across statues and roof tops and quite carefree. The RW Fool carries a flute, is very high amidst the mountains and is dressed in an almost frivolous manner with colored banner flying from the bag being carried.

I picked the height or elevation as a focus, each figure being more "up" than the previous figure. Height seems to equate to foolishness and carelessness. Even the Fool needs some degree of "grounding" if he is to continue his journey and become someone different. A second theme is also present; that of one's attention or focus. The Fey Fool is holding a pumpkin which totally absorbs his attention. The Witches Fool holds a paper out as an offer to we who observe him. The ToP Fool holds a Flower and bag but is unconcerned about them. The RW Fool is self-absorbed in the flute's music, what comes from within him/her self.

The Fey Fool seems to be on a highly personal journey of discovery. The Witches Fool is on a journey to share value with others in exchange for what he learns. The ToP Fool is exhibiting some degree of personal skill and dexterity for his own amusement. The RW Fool ignores the world and looks for discovery in one's self-amusement. Each of these is in a different "place." Following the prior-used order we might see 1) curiosity and discovery, 2) sharing and discovery, 3) aimless self-testing and showing off, 4) playing a fairy tale role of leisure.

Discovery, dalliance, self-satisfaction.

I like the Fey and the Witches Tarots. The Fey because it shows delight in discovery, the Witches because it shows discovery and learning from sharing yourself with others. I have always taken delight in sharing all the things that excite me with others. I also try to help others in many practical ways. I cannot relate to the other two Fool cards although I can understand them in terms of reading with them.

This is why I sometimes choose the deck that I will use for a reading as the nature of the deck needs to fit the querent if at all possible. Of course we don't judge a deck by one or two cards but by its overall sense and theme.

Up until the time I discovered the Fey Tarot I had not thought much about the Fool card, seeing them all as versions of the Waite-Smith tarot. The Fey unlocked a lot for me. I would (in hindsight now) create a Fool that discovers a key, with objects representing life-supporting issues lying about -- each with a key hole in them. What objects? Apples (food), a shirt (clothing or shelter or protection), a book (learning and greater awareness), etc. We can always discover inconsequential things, it is finding life-changing or enhancing items and issues that is most exciting -- whether we realize the potential in what we discover or whether it slowly emerges into our awareness over a period of time. Discovery isn't always experienced in a flash and the Fool's journey may take a great deal of time, maybe more than a lifetime.

As we reach and participate in these last few steps it seems to me that we are moving to a new level of understanding and ability to view cards from many different aspects -- almost as if each card was embedded withiin a diamond where each facet reveals a new twist in the card's application to life's questions and experiences. It may take more time to articulate this adventure that several of us have been on, but I think it is safe to say that we are more today than we were months ago as tarot readers. If my associates on this list also feel that way, I think Mary Greer will be pleased to have helped us. Dave
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