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Originally Posted by coyoteblack
I love how you added all the esorteric meaning and images also enjoyed your view on the fey star. I never knew a star can mean that.

and I have many many more rocks where that came from jersey rocks have expra special chemicals on them to rebuff your texas twister
The Fey Star is simply gorgeous. You really need to get that deck! She is true renewal to me. She inhales the world around her with abandon. Nothing is going to stop her. She has forever hope and enthusiasm. Nothing can keep her down, and she appreciates the simplist things in life like breathing and feeling the night breeze on her skin. She also has no shame, she is not ashamed of anything. She learns and moves forward, she does not dwell.

You know I see so much in Star cards these days that it is downright frightening *ROFLMAO*.

You can keep your rocks you silly coyote, but if you want to start tossing tarot decks this way ... well we will let those through ~chuckles~
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