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mooncat2's Avatar've probably written more than the book has. I have it and found it disappointing....only ever use it to look up the ocasional plant.

Just adding a few more thoughts.

The woods depicted in the suit of Rods are either ash, birch or willow.

In the 6 they are Birch which signifies spring, growth, renewal.
Birch trees grow in groves........necessary because they increase through root growth not seeds. They grow to the same height.......if one grew too tall it could fall in the wind (weak root structure) and endanger the entire grove.

The Knight wears the laurel victory wreath.........he has shown confidence and leadership and he also bears the weight of this responsibility but his achievement couldn't have happened without the loyalty, friendship and support of others.

Astrologically Jupiter/Growth and Leo....the above qualities are all associated with this zodiac sign.
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