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Unhappy Correction

When I posted on the Natural rulers, I wasfeeling rather tired (nothing to do with the glasses of wine I had just consumed )

I therefore miscounted the houses from number 8 when I went through the Chaldean system. Eight is Saturn, Nine is Jupiter (appropriately) ten is Mars and Eleven is the Sun (and not Venus). I wondered afterwards why I had one planet over and not two (two sevens is 14 but there are only 12 houses).

So the Sun is the Chaldean ruler of the Eleventh. Whilst this demolishes my wonderful construction about Venus it does remind me that in the Flossmoor chart the Sun is also the sign ruler of the Eleventh. So we have a double link. Moreover the Sun is arguably conjunct the Eleventh cusp. The separation is just over 10 degrees, which is wider than many Astrologers would allow, though I know some who would be quite happy with a 10 degree orb for the Sun.

As the first post occured at the Full Moon (Sun and Moon were separating but still in orb) - we could use the symbolism of the Full Moon to say that the post marked the completion of the project of re-establishing the Aeclectic Community.
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