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This card is filled with lovely warm detail - the phrase 'lovingly-drawn' springs to mind. The little waiter guy reminds me of the small people on the 6 of Cups - not exactly children, something fey about them. Does he perhaps symbolise the wish-granter - some sort of version of the fairy godmother, since this card is often described as 'the wish card'? The man at the bar looks well-dressed and comfortable and is enjoying a pipe and a pint in relaxing surroundings. The book points out that he is no drunkard, just someone taking a well-earned break. He does look pretty together, in charge of his life and not at all liable to fall into addiction or bondage to the good things around him. This aspect of this card didn't strike me before, but I think it's significant. Being able to enjoy such the good things of life without going overboard is a skill that seems to be getting ever rarer nowadays - for example we have an acute problem in Ireland at the moment of young people (and a lot of older people too) drinking to damaging levels, and just completely overdoing it. I don't think puritanism is the answer, but this card seems to point to a way through - the way of moderation and enjoyment while keeping a clear head.
Ahem, yes well, stepping down off my soapbox now to admire my favourite detail on this card - Puss in boots. Like Jewel-ry, I love this cat - he reminds me of a big soft marmalade feline friend I grew up with. He's pulling himself upright with his front paws so his boots can be seen and admired to the full, capturing perfectly the vanity of cats. All in all this is a lovely warm playful card, bursting with both lifelike and fantastical detail.
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