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Well, taking a look at the pictures on the web isn't nearly as 'true' to the real feeling I guess, but I'll just tell you what I figured till now:

Favorite, because of the meaning of the card/artwork..
The Wheel really reminds me of my grandma! She died when I was seven years old, so the only thing that I'm left with are those memories of playing and painting on the floor. *sigh* I love how this card symbolizes the circle of life.. from young to old, from old to young - playing and learning from each other.

Favorite, because of the artwork and colors
The star, moon and sun. They are sooo fantastic! Mangificent! I love them really... the way they watch the sky, the colors.. everything is so vibrant, you can really feel the mood there. I'd like to do some evocative artwork as good as this too...

I like the 8 of Wands - the Messenger - .. looks so cool. I like the style of the cloths, with the bells attached to the lappets!

The Knave of Swords looks cool too - I like the posture on this one!

Cards I don't like that much..
Well.. the Ace of Swords gives me the creeps. It could've looked better. It doesn't convey the meaning I associate with this card.

The Devil .. doesn't look like a deceiver, or like someone who could make me need him. Not like something that causes addiction, ..

But I guess.. the cards will just have some other meaning for me, even if some of them don't fit my current system. I will adapt quickly with the help of the fey and your guidance, folks

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