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Originally Posted by WaterSong View Post
that is actually very accurate and a fair description of his personality Sam.Great reading.

10 of cups : I do see here that is you wait, down the line there will be a great connection possible with this person, either if it is a friendship or romantic.
It would allow you to build a better rapport either way .

Q: what is A waiting for for him to decide is the *right timing * ? ( or better phrased...what does he need to feel it is the right time . )
3 of Cups
This seems to be related to other relationships/connections that he has - I seem to remember you said (or I picked up on and you verified) that his ex still has an influence on him in some ways. It could be that (I sometimes see this card as the *other* person in rel. readings) ...I don't think this is lovey dovey so much as his wanting all of you to get on ....for everything (in his mind may already be so in reality ?) to be *entente cordiale* ....if this is off base then it concerns his social circle (is this integrating you into a group who formally knew the ex ?) ; he wants everyone to be happy .......(which is a big goal ....)

QU: How would TB feel about my popping in from time to time ?
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