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Originally Posted by banbha View Post
I broke down and created a FB account using a nom de plume.

It has been most helpful in my need to scan FB on occasion without having them scan me, so to speak.
Make sure and block that cookie whatever its name is, that FB puts on everyone's machine who has ever visited FB even in passing with no account. They use it to scan EVERYONE with.

Facebook used a special “cookie” that lodged on an internet user’s device if they visited a Facebook page – for example belonging to a friend, a shop or a political party – even if they were not signed up to the network. The cookie stayed on the device for up to two years and allowed Facebook to consult it whenever the user paid further visits to Facebook pages, or to any page where they could like or recommend via a Facebook link.
I cannot remember its name (I blocked it years ago.) i THINK it has datr in there...
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