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Ugh, this thread has seriously exposed my biggest pet peeve with this website. We are sitting here on one of the best Tarot deck directories on the internet. Nearly every deck ever made is here, with descriptions, pictures, and reviews. And here we are, in our send-off thread and not a single person has posted a link to their favorite deck. While pursuing threads in the past where people are talking about decks I have always loathed having to open a new tab, remember the name of the deck mentioned, type it in, and then having to close the tab and go back to the thread, only to have to do it all over again. It may sound like a lazy modern day problem, but how hard is it to provide the link yourself in your post? Especially now, in the send off thread, when there are hundreds of decks mentioned to someone who may be interested in learning about new decks? I recommend you all go back and provide a link.

Anyway, Druidcraft, Druidcraft, Druidcraft. 5 stars for a reason. I don't think there is a worthy competitor, but keep in mind, trimming the borders is almost necessary.
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