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Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
Killing? That's what Christianity tried to do when it drove a big wedge between Spirituality and Sexuality.

I think transforming and redirecting desire is closer to the mark. Instead of trying to reject or split off parts off yourself, the goal is to bring all aspects of your self to the Great Work. Although some 'guilt' and 'shame' style baggage may need ditching.

Perhaps killing was a bit strong.. Though I think it was related to the discussion by Wang of "the transformation involves 'leaving' the desire nature of Netzach and being absorbed into Tipareth... This desire nature is the very essence of the Personality which functions entirely in terms of the satisfaction of its needs and wishes. The very will to live, meaning the desire of the Personality to continue in the sensory condition, is abrogated on the Path of Death." ... The Personality undergoes a wilful 'death' surrendering everything that it believes itself to be."

He goes on to quote Jung 'By descending into the unconscious, the conscious mind puts itself in a perilous condition, for it is apparently extinguishing itself'.
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