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Originally Posted by Sulis
Hi Folks,

An index of threads covered so far in this group can be found at the top of the forum:
Feel free to add to these and please let me know by PM if you begin a new thread so that I can add it to the index for you.

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator

Thanks for the link to the thread index for the study group. So far I have read through the first six threads for the Majors (Fool through High Priest). I've gotten a few additional insights from what I've read so far, but most, if not all, of what was written was posted before the companion book came out.

Now that we know what the "official" take is on the cards, I think it would be worthwhile for those of us who have read the companion book to update (for lack of a better word) the old threads with new information. It would also be useful for those who have the deck but not the book to see how their take on the cards compares with the artist's intentions. And it would be exceptionally great if the people who participated in the original study group chimed back in to speak to how they've gotten along with various cards and whether their take on the cards have changed.

So I'm still game to have a go at the study group if other people are.

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