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Ok, I just read something and I'm sort of still processing it, so I'm sort of thinking out loud here...but...

I just read this thread:

And it refers to the devil card in a way I had heard before, but never really thought about. I'm still new to this, I'm not familar with the older/original decks and their meanings. I also know that Carl Jung is not a tarot expert, But in that thread, there is a quote from Carl Jung;
“Now in the Tarot there is a hermaphroditic figure called the diable. That would be in alchemy the gold. In other words, such an attempt as the union of opposites appears to the Christian mentality as devilish, something evil which is not allowed, something belonging to black magic.”

Again, I don't know the history of the tarot, but if that is true...
and I know this is a weird tangent, but...

"union of opposites" ,is what heterosexuals think they have. They consider man and woman to be each other's opposite, and the romantic notion that they compliment each other because of that.
So, when the LWB says "unconsciously accepting societal norms" , could that mean accepting the notion that for a relationship to be balanced it has to have a male and female?

I'm probably not making It's just that I've heard people talk about "yin and yang" and male and female, as if you only have balance if you have a male and female. However in human beings, men and woman are not exact opposites. There is no such thing as being 100% male or 100% female. Men and woman can share many qualities. So...I'm thinking of the devil/self-hatred card now as a rejection of that notion. Which wouldn't actually make it 'self'-hatred. But since I'm having a hard time understanding this card, maybe I'll play with it for a while anyway, lol.

*still thinking*
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