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This study is so silent, but I know a lot of that is my fault. I proposed restarting it and then got sidetracked. I'll try to get some posts going in the next day or so. I think of it every night when I go to bed but by then I've worn myself out on the necessities of life and have turned off the computer for the night. My books and deck lie there beside my bed accusingly and I don't even have the energy left to pick up the book or the cards. Sigh.

But now I think I've caught everything else up enough to work some regular quality time in for the Motherpeace study and I'll do my utmost to be back in a day or two with input.

I'm sorry I proposed the study and then fell down on it, but anyone else can take it and run with it, should they want to, and I won't mind, if that's stopping somebody else. Otherwise, I haven't forgotten and will definitely be back to it very soon.
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