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Thank you all, and it has been a privilege to be here. And anything we did always depended on your cooperation, and it was always much appreciated.

I've been a member for thirteen years and a mod for almost two, and it is a period I will never forget. (:

I feel as if I'm very lucky, since Talking Tarot was chosen to host all the "goodbye" threads until the closing, which lets me be involved until the very end. Also, as a mod in the closing days, my name will forever be on the main page of every forum I moderated, and I'll be able to look at it from time to time and say "yeah, I was involved in something awesome!"

I expect I will say this a lot more in the coming days, but thank you all for a wonderful 13 years. I will deeply miss seeing even the people I wasn't in close contact with, there was just something so comforting about knowing that you will always be here.
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