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The internet in general is a place I feel is often lawless and out of control. Aeclectic on the other hand has been an oasis in the midst of all the chaos and it's thanks to the wonderful mods. If I've ever seen something ugly on here it has been removed or reined in quickly. You've done an amazing job to keep everything on topic, tidy and organised and this autistic lady really appreciates that! The moderation on Aeclectic is an example to follow for sure.

I didn't get to stay here for very long under my own username (I did lurk for a few years before I finally joined) so I'm sad I didn't get to know you better, both mods and fellow Aeclectic members. What happens after July 14th and where we all go I don't know, but I hope to meet you again. You mods did a great job and I'm glad some of the forum will stay open to read so some of its legacy can live on.
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