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To our mods, you were nothing short of excellent. I've been a part of more than a few internet forums, and yours really took the cake. You struck the perfect balance of control and forbearance so that the threads were never too rigid and staid, nor were they the online versions of the wild wild west.

There were moments when I was reprimanded for a few mistakes and misunderstandings, but their handling of these were such that I was never offended at all in any way, and when I explained my side, they were judicious enough to take the facts into consideration before eventually exonerating me. I also happened to express a very contrary opinion to one of them in one of the threads, and such was her graciousness and maturity that altho she still held her ground, she did acknowledge the main point I was making without any rancor. In all of my posts, I have never felt unfairly treated, and it speaks well of their character and magnanimity that I never felt condescended to, nor was I the target of any pathetic power trip.

I don't care if I seem like I'm brown-nosing. There was a recent thread that thanked mods but I stayed out of that just because. Now that the Forum is ending, nothing can stop me from taking this chance to thank all the mods for a job magnificently done. You were a truly vital piece of the Forum, and your superlative handling made all the difference. Believe me, I have seen forums rise and fall because of the quality of the mods. That you kept such a vibrant community going for almost two decades is a testament to your incomparable capacity and judgement.

Yours is an ace team, and as the curtain falls, allow us to throw clouds of roses your way as you take your final bow. Your performance will be sorely missed, and if only we can request an encore! The lights will dim and the theater will be empty before long, but along with the beautiful show, the memory of your efforts will also stay with us. Goodbye and good night.
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