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where to begin...

would anyone prefer to start with a major arcana, court card or minor?
styles of doing readings or interesting answers from the cards?

For instance, I may do a reading, and pull 3 cards, not necessarily past present future, but 3 aspects of a situation. A particular card may look interesting or out of place from the other 2, or just call to me more, and I will build on that particular card's story. I'll pull a "situation" and "what needs to be integrated" card under the 'interesting' card forming a triangle to let it further explain itself.

I also noticed that if you are in a very receptive state, you can almost flip the entire deck, one card after the other, and it will tell the story of the situation or people involved. However after about 14-15 cards, I can't absorb any more of the story, though sometimes it is really fascinating to watch it play out.

I also take a peek at the card at the bottom of the deck if I am doing one card readings and I notice that it always speaks of the under the surface reality of the situation.
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