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I would feel a strong affinity for the Priestess of Wands. If I saw her in a reading it would immediately make me feel connected to the situation, give me a warm feeling of strength and being capable, and make me feel mature enough to handle a situation. She looks strong. She is in touch with her femininity, her sense of self, and her abilities. She doesn't need affirmations from others for her sense of worth. She is priestess because she has claimed it to be so, and for her works and deeds. She can be counted on in crisis. She understands the right action to take and she doesn't necessarily wait for others to decide what to do. If it needs to be done, it will get done. She can be bold, but not for shock value, she wants other people to know who they are dealing with when they interact with her. She is straight forward, passionate, and loving.... She walks with a lioness and resembles the Strength card in other tarot decks. She draws strength from the lioness' innate nature. In the wild, it is the lionesses who raise the pride, and hunts for food, always watchful on the plains for the opportunity to get their needs met. However, the lions often function as a team to bring down game, and I feel that this Priestess functions well in relation to others as well. She is the vessel of fire (wands), and others are drawn to her dynamic nature the same way that we would warm our hands at a fire. As she is walking, her eyes look heavy-lidded and her brow knitted in deep thought or reflection, perhaps on the act or deed she has just performed. She looks to have just performed a ritual that appears to have been fruitful, with the sun blazing overhead and the rainbow bursting through the clouds and rain. The rainbow is landing in a pot, which reminds me of a "pot of gold". The pot is surrounded by 5 large stones, heavy material things going through a "5" energy of difficulty. Perhaps there has been some survival, lack of prosperity issues going on and it was necessary for her to do a ritual to correct that situation. Perhaps a drought in the land the community shares. She only does what is necessary to meet needs, or takes an action that needs to be taken. The left side of her body is accented (ankle bracelet, baton de commandment in her hand). It makes me feel that her power comes from the fire of her intuition (right brain) being applied actively (baton), and the path of sacrifice (pisces, feet) that her role in the community demands of her. She cannot think only of her needs, she must think of others as well. Being a Priestess, she is responsible for the spiritual needs of the community, and this is an affirmation of the strenth and power she feels within herself.
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